Loot Crate Magazine July 2017 Animation - Page 6

BYOBURGER OF THE DAY After over 20 years of absence, the ’90s returned animation to primetime with The Simpsons, ending our long nightmare of only being able to watch cartoons while the sun was out. Years later, FOX would give us another family to love—The Belchers. One of our favorite parts of Bob’s Burgers are the many “Burger of the Day” specials, spiced with delicious puns. That’s why we couldn’t resist including 25 hand-selected recipes (including vegetarian options) from the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook! Printed on sturdy, approximately 5” x 7” cards, they come in a box designed to look like the restaurant. LOOT CRATE EDITION Bob’s Burgers Recipe Cards in a Box (Licensed by Twentieth Century Fox Television. Made by Penguin Random House.) RECIPE CARDS COPY