Loot Crate Magazine July 2017 Animation - Page 10

There’s great details in the animation like facial expressions and the way you can see their tongues move on words with Ls in them. Do you reference the actors’ recording sessions or is it primarily adhering to the visual style? To find out Bernard’s favorite episode, how to animate the perfect body roll, what show he’d like to crossover with and more, check out the full interview on the newly redesigned The Daily Crate at thedailycrate.com! We primarily adhere to the visual style - we have a set series of mouth shapes for all our characters that the animators follow. There are a lot of visual gags in the show, like the ever-changing store next to Bob’s Burgers. How many of those are in the script and how many of those are added by the animators? If it involves a pun, like the storefront or the pest control van, the artists always leave it up to the writers. I’m not sure Loren envisioned Bob’s Burgers going for 8 seasons and beyond when he first started the show – if he had, he might have thought twice about having to come up with a different storefront and van every episode. Loren is presented with as many as ten storefront and v an ideas for every episode before he picks one – over 160 businesses have now started and failed next to Bob’s since the series began. What animated shows did you grow up watching? Which influenced you the most? Like most kids, I watched everything animated growing up. From a drawing and animation perspective, Chuck Jones and “The Bugs Bunny Show” influenced me the most. And I can’t think of another show that has created as much excitement as “The Simpsons” did when it first came on the air. THIS MONTH’S PIN: As seen in Season 1, Episode 13, you can take Gene in his burger mascot costume with you wherever you go to remind you of your love for...for...Dad’s Burg—wait, Bob’s Burgers. DLC: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...have you been keeping up with the Bonus Loot? Get this month’s Bob’s Burgers Bonus and catch up on any month you missed by visiting lootcrate.com/pins!