Loot Crate Magazine August 2017 Kingdom - Page 8

THERE’S SOME GOOD IN THIS WORLD, MR. FRODO… AND IT’S WORTH TOASTING TO Let’s face it, despite the Orcs and goblins and giant spiders, Middle Earth is kind of amazing and absolutely a land most of us would jump at the chance to visit. Easily the most iconic artifact from The Lord of the Rings is, as you might’ve guessed, Sauron’s Ring of Power. After all, it was the key to uniting (read: enslaving) the realms of Men, Elves and Dwarves under his dark rule. And what kind of journey through your kingdom would be complete without coming across a dangerous and powerful relic? We’re glad to share a drink with you, here at the end of all things… Wait, it’s not the end? Oh, well that’s certainly worth celebrating! Raise a glass to one of the greatest fantasy series of all time with this color changing glass, modeled after the One Ring. The Tengwar Elvish runes turn red when you fill the glass with cold liquids. EXCLUSIVE The Lord of the Rings Color Changing Glass (Licensed by Warner Bros. Designed by Loot Crate.)