Loot Crate Magazine August 2017 Kingdom - Page 4

HIDE YOUR PRINCESSES, THE KING OF C-C-COOL HAS ARRIVED The Ice King started off as the land of Ooo’s big villain. And then we learned his terrible secret: he used to wear glasses. Of all the strange stories and surprisingly deep lore to be found in Adventure Time, the fate of Simon Petrikov, a brilliant man who was driven mad by an ancient crown, is perhaps the saddest tale of all. Luckily, the Ice King has been able to find moments of joy, too, usually when hanging out with his semi-loyal pet, Gunter, and the rest of his penguin “guards!” This exclusive figure shows off the “Nice King’s” softer side — hopefully, Finn won’t beat him up this time. EXCLUSIVE Adventure Time “Nice King” & Gunter Figure (Licensed by Cartoon Network. Designed by Loot Crate.)