Loot Crate Magazine August 2017 Kingdom - Page 2

YOUR KINGDOM STRETCHES OUT BEFORE YOU All that you see — from the fields of Hyrule, to the frozen mountains of Ooo, to the dark tower of Isengard — is yours to command. But a good ruler should know the land they reign over. So, where do you want to go first? Be forewarned: It is dangerous to go alone. Take this guide with you as you travel through ancient lands, discover powerful relics and encounter strange adversaries from The Legend of Zelda, The Lord of the Rings and Adventure Time! ADS THIS MONTH’S PIN A good ruler needs to have a strong banner to raise as they march through their kingdom. The thing is… banners are kinda big. And cumbersome. So, we got you the next best thing: a Loot Crate Kingdom coat of arms that you can pin to your jacket, backpack, or just add to your collection! Don’t forget to head to lootcrate.com/pins and grab your Bonus Loot! EXCLUSIVE Loot Crate Kingdom Crest Pin (Designed by Loot Crate.)