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Lane Young Lane Young has seen many changes in this community since his childhood - pos- itive changes that he hopes will continue over the next years. This former athletic star at South Lau- rel High School saw many needs in his hometown, which inspired him to return here and start a business that he felt was direly needed. Young played football, basketball and baseball during his high school years and went to Morehead State University to continue his football career after gradu- ation before transferring to Eastern Ken- tucky University. His own athletic abilities turned into a concern for fitness and he returned to London and established Powerhouse Gym in 2007. "I have a passion for sports and with athletics, that bloomed into fitness pro- grams," he said. "That paid off 12 years ago as introducing fitness to the commu- nity and inspiring people to get healthy." Powerhouse Gym offers various pro- grams and the success rates vary just as much as the programs, he said. "We have group fitness, personal train- ing and 24-hour options," he explained. "I've seen some people come in and shed a few pounds and others who lost 40 or 50 pounds. Fitness is not a standard for me, it's whatever makes you feel good." The son of Don and Jonnie Jean Young, Lane is one of three children - a brother, Justin, and sister, Holly Young Bundy. He and his wife Megan have one child, 2-year-old Mia. He wants to have more options for Lon- don, Laurel County and the surrounding communities and is proud of the progress made by the current leaders and volun- teers who continue to increase activities for the residents in the area. "All my family lives here and I en- joyed being raised here," he said. "This community is definitely growing and it's a good path to keep. People move here London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019 and talk about how they feel safe, not like the big cit- ies or some other places." He hopes the progress will con- tinue with more businesses locat- ing here and more activities to keep people coming to the area. "I like London. Even though we're a progressive town, we still have that small town atmosphere that people like," he said. "We have the big city things with the small town attitude where people are friendly and helpful." Offering something new was the moti- vation that he and friend Neil Warren re- searched when they launched Bojangles restaurant to the area. "We felt like London needed some- thing more and Neil researched and brought a growing business to London," he said. "Neil primarily runs Bojangles and we hope it will be something to help the growth of the community." His family attends The Creek Church although his family time and interests in two businesses restrict him from a lot of participation in the church activities be- yond regular services. But he sees the fu- ture of his hometown in a positive way and remembers how his own dream came true with bringing a full service fitness center to the area. "There are options (at Powerhouse) for everyone," Young said. "Everything is in moderation." But he is a firm believer in sharing kindness - a quality that he feels is a badly needed characteristic in today's so- ciety, whether it is applied in church, in business or in daily life. "Being kind is a contagious thing - if you treat people good, they will treat oth- ers good," he said. 45