London's Living Treasures Banquet 2019 - Page 38

"I work at Hearthside Food Solutions. Most peo- ple know it as 'the cookie factory'," said LeeAnn Dearner, Hearthside's ad- ministrative assistant. "I work for the managers in the building, I do report- ing, I help HR when we do events, such as our easter egg hunt and our Christmas event. I have my hand in a little bit of everything." That includes organiz- ing the yearly Christmas baskets for needy families in the community, an ef- fort coordinated through the Family Resource and Youth Service centers of Laurel County and East Bernstadt schools. She also recruits volunteers to help assemble food bas- kets. She has also coached T-ball leagues for several years and has been in- volved with fundraising activities for the March of Dimes, Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer and Ameri- can Cancer Society’s Re- lay for Life with the Circle of Friends group. Dearner graduated from Union College two years ago with a Bachelor of Arts in business adminis- tration. After working at HSBC for nine years, her position in HR was re- moved. She found work at Hearthside and has been there ever since. "My HR position at Hearthside had been elim- inated too, in 2015. That was the hardest time since my little boy was born in LeeAnn Dearner May when that happened. It was a hard transition. I really loved that job." Luckily, Dearner's plant manager ensured she still had a place in the com- pany. "I have a great boss, that's what keeps me com- ing back. I also like the environment there, the people I work with. You can't beat the benefits," said Dearner. Around three years ago, many of Hearthside's hourly employees on the production floor were out of work due to low de- mands. Dearner cites that helping those individuals and their families was one of the most memorable moments of her career. "It was right around Christmas time and we all pitched in and raised mon- ey for the parents really struggling to have Christ- mas for their children," recalled Dearner. "We got lists of what their children wanted for Christmas. I like helping in the com- munity, but it's good when you can help people you see every day." Dearner said that Lon- don continues to grow. She hopes that people continue to bring new business in London and help the city continue to expand. Dearner is married to Will Dearner and the couple have two children - Brady, who will soon be 5, and Waylon, two months.