London's Living Treasures Banquet 2019 - Page 34

The Williams Fam- ily Quartet con- tinues to this day, with Williams' de- scendants taking the helm. Outside of her gospel career, Wil- liams was known for her famous chicken and dump- lings, which she prepared for guests on Tuesdays at the London Farmer's Livestock Market. She and her hus- band owned the market, retaining it until 2004, eight years after Vic's death. Williams passed 34 away in November of 2011. She never left London, her favorite song was always "Just a Rose Will Do," and she never treated any- one like a stranger. "Jewell Fay was an everyday hero," said Debbie Cook, family-friend and owner of Cook Tire Inc. "She was kind, humble and loving to everyone she met." Cook remem- bered when she and her family first visited Carmichael Church in 1990. The service began with a welcome to the family. "The music be- gan to play and this amazing voice came from the front of the chapel. It was strong, pow- erful, and full of grace. Mrs. Jewell Fay Williams was singing 'Amazing Grace,'" said Cook, recalling the chills down her spine. "She loved to sing for Jesus," said Jer- vis. "She loved to help people, loved fellowshipping with friends and she never met a stranger." London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019