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Laurel Legacy Jack Parman By Nita Johnson Jack Parman was born dur- ing The Great Depression, which may have been a factor in his work ethic and success as a London businessman. His ability to talk to people - whether he was well acquaint- ed with them or not - was key to his success in Bob's Ready-to-Wear clothing store on North Main Street, where he became the second gen- eration operator of the family business begun by his father, Bob Parman, in 1935. The store remained in opera- tion until 2014 when a fi re at adjoining Weaver's Hot Dogs damaged the building and in- ventory and inevitably was closed by Bobby Joe Parman, the third generation operator and Jack's son. Jack Parman was known for his kind and caring nature, with his friends calling him a caring and personable man. 28 But he was also an outstand- ing athlete during his youth, playing basketball and base- ball at London High School. "After high school, he went to LMU (Lincoln Memorial Uni- versity) and played basketball there," said his son, Bobby Joe Parman. "He met my mom (Georgia) and they were mar- ried for 68 years until he died in May 2018." But even after his marriage and birth of his children, Par- man continued to weld his athletic interests. "He coached basketball in the leagues and he also loved softball," Bobby Joe said. "He played golf and even though he never won a tournament, he was runnerup twice. Actu- ally, he did anything he could to get out of the house!" Parman was also commit- ted to his church, First Chris- tian Church in London, where London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019