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that we got to travel for insur- ance meetings," said Vaughn. With her husband, Vaughn became a member of the Lon- don-Laurel Chamber of Com- merce. Eventually, she joined the London City Council, serv- ing for around 16 years. "My hardest time on coun- cil was when we passed the liquor laws," recalled Vaughn. "There was opposition, which, we expected that. It was a full council room, and we were asked questions from people directly in the audience." Vaughn decided to tell the council precisely what she believed, which was that she'd instead alcohol be le- gal so teenagers would be carded than have kids buy drinks from a shady bootleg- ger. Two concerned mothers thanked her after the meet- ing. "Laurel County has been wet all my life, and I was 73 at that time. It just wasn’t legal," said Vaughn. While she never had kids, she once housed three foreign- exchange students through the International Rotary Club. "We were a host family for three overseas students, from South Africa, Croatia and Ar- London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019 gentina. It was wonderful. I loved it. I learned that teenag- ers are international," Vaughn laughed. To this day, she still keeps up with the students. The one from South Africa is now married, living in Sidney Aus- tralia with her two sons. The student Croatia, meanwhile, teaches music. "The little girl in Argentina is still trying to find herself. She worked in the Marriott in Lexington a year before going back," said Vaughn. Today, Vaughn is retired. She no longer works on any boards, but she says she's willing to volunteer if there's ever a need. "I’m really proud of what has gone on and what is go- ing on in London, and I just look for better things hap- pening," said Vaughn. "I love to get off the interstate at 5 p.m. and look at people going through the drive-throughs, picking up their children, go- ing to ball practice. When I was young, there was one drug store in town that was open on Sunday afternoon if you wanted to go to town and have a Coke." 19