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London. Growing up poor, she and her family had to grow tobac- co to make ends meet. Vaughn said she never minded having to work. "I’d rather be working than doing something for myself," said Vaughn. "I grew up on Sue Bennett campus, my dad worked there. Sometimes I babysat the kids for some of the teachers." Vaughn graduated from London High School in 1960 and immediately became a member of the London Junior Women's Club. "It was a civic club," Vaughn explained. "We had the first kindergarten in London. It wasn’t a money-maker, and ac- tually, it was across from Lon- don Elementary School. We had a teacher and an assistant teacher. It was paid and that was before we had kindergar- ten in schools." The group also started the TLC House and fought to raise the library tax. "I’ve never been afraid to take a stand. Raising the li- brary tax wasn’t popular, but it was something personally I felt like was needed. I wanted the community to grow and 18 to give opportunities to other people and to children," said Vaughn. Vaughn was invited into the London Junior Women's Club by a coworker at a law firm she was working for at the time. Vaughn worked for attor- ney Little in London, a job she was able to secure through her uncle. "I never went to college, un- fortunately. But I had an uncle that was a special uncle that Mr. Little was his friend. There was a job opportunity there and my uncle told him I was looking for a job," Vaughn re- called. On June 15, 1968, Vaughn married Melvin Vaughn, who served as manager of Ashland Finance Company before buy- ing London Insurance Agency in the early 1970s. "He was civic-minded too," said Vaughn. "He was a presi- dent of the Chamber of Com- merce at one time, and he was an active member of the Ro- tary Club." Melvin passed away in Janu- ary of 2010 during a trip to the Dominican Republic. "He loved to travel and he loved horse races. We were very lucky with the business London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019