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of anything to do. He said he kept himself occupied by playing ball and causing mischief. As a young adult, Smith took up gam- bling and drinking but quit after his father passed away. Smith says he hasn't returned to either since. "My father passed away around that time. It led me to think a lot about things," said Smith. Soon after, he became a manager at a grocery store run by him and his cousin. In 1973, he joined the London City Council, spending two years on the council. After recommendations by his peers, was voted in as mayor. "At the time, the job wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Mayor was a part-time back then and mostly just retrieved the mail," said Smith. After losing a race for reelection, he spent the next 12 years as owner/operator of a wholesale egg company. Smith bought and distributed eggs to supermarkets and traveled to about 15 counties. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 12 London’s Living Treasures Banquet 2019