London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 9

Why an Asian London Escort Beats A European As you all know by now, we like to answer as many of your questions as possible. Trouble is, we have to guess what they will be! But we’re pretty sure most of you are going to want to know what it is about an Asian London escort that makes her better than a European. European girls are wonderfully beautiful, you simply can’t deny that. Well, there are a few trolls out there of course, as is the same with any girl from anywhere else in the world. But the vast majority of European escorts are stunning. We won’t deny it, it would be stupid. So why would you book an Asian London escort? Well, to start with, they’re beautiful too. Some would argue that they’re much more beautiful than any other escort in London. But that’s for you to decide of course. We know you’re already fans! But there is something else and it’s probably something you’ve heard a lot. Before we tell you, there is a reason that you’ve heard this a lot. That’s because it’s actually true, it’s not just something people say. An Asian London escort will always beat a European London escort because she is more committed to her client. 7