London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 82

80 be a fly on the wall with a A day in the life... London Transsexual Escort Well, thank goodness for that…today is a mere 75 degrees. Really, if I want to swelter in sub-tropical 96-degree heat, I’ll go jump on a plane and fly closer to the equator. I got a call from a man’s secretary who was staying at the Hilton in Croydon. He sounded quite pleasant and was keen that I pay a visit, asking, ‘And what kind of wine you would like?’ A slight detour and I was there in thirty minutes, we’d arranged to meet at the bar, as the lift, so often the case now, needed a key-swipe to get onto the floor I wanted. S greeted me at the bar and offered me a drink, I suggested we go straight up to his room, where I was happy to just drink water. The room, though not trashed, was an abandoned untidy mess of clothes and towels tossed everywhere, pumping dance music, two iPad’s playing porn, half-finished bottles of water and lots little plastic packets of drugs spread across the desk. S was high, not just letting his hair down but his inhibitions too; mission, to have a blast of a good time. Half a dozen dildos of various shapes and sizes were strewn around the room, one, in particular, caught my eye, the one firmly stuck to the wall, held in place by its suction end; I took a breath, summed up the picture before me and set my mind to the task ahead. ‘Right, I think I’m ready to be fucked now Frances,’ ‘OK, I suggest we try from behind, then we can move to the front if you’d like?’ I reached for a condom on the bedside table, along with the bottle of lube. There wasn’t much resistance as I slipped my cock inside him, as he’d been playing with his multitude of dildos all afternoon. ‘That feels good keep going,’ and so I did for another 5 minutes before he felt the need for another cooling off in the shower. I’d been there a good hour now, he’d have had me stay longer had I suggested, but now it was becoming hard work, have you ever tried to keep up with someone on coke? Anyway, he’d begun showing me the delights of ‘Grinder’ on his phone, a real-time online meeting place, where you can instantly find like-minded horny folk looking for sex within your area. It turned out, there were already two other people looking for fun in the very same hotel. ‘Do you think we should get a guy in to join us,’ he asked. ‘Well, why don’t you invite someone up and I’ll take off, then you can both enjoy yourselves together.’ S was happy with the suggestion and his new distraction. And with that, I thanked him for the evening and away’ed into the balmy tropical night, leaving him to a night of hedonism. Read further adventures of ‘Frances’ at Frances Petite busty English blonde Pre-Op Transsexual, with a touch of class and style. London/City/Docklands 07989 287 451