London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 6

• Thoughtful. Think about what your Asian London escorts might desire for a moment or two before your booking. What kind of man would she like to meet? Dress yourself up, in much the same way as you’d like her to be presented. Make sure you smell nice and fresh and your hair is presented nicely. It all counts. Perhaps ask her if there is anything she would like to do. • Dinner. Taking Asian London escorts out to dinner isn’t always common. There are many clients who simply enjoy incall bookings at various locations around London, but if you really want to romance your escort, take her to dinner. Don’t rush your dinner so you can be alone with her either. Believe us when we tell you that if you take your time, even with Asian escorts, your efforts will be rewarded. Take some time to get to know them if you can. You’d be surprised at just how enjoyable this can be. Your attitude can mean the difference between a good booking and a bad one. There’s no such thing as Asian London 4 escorts simply not being interested (at least not from our agency). It’s mainly to do with how they respond to their client. Some people forget that these charming your girls are actually human beings who require a little care and attention. Asian London escorts are not robots, there to do anyone’s bidding. You will find that Asians in London are particularly sassy, and they can be quite curt and dismissive of those who don’t show them respect.