London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 5

London Escorts Require a Little Romancing Too It’s true fellas, just because these girls are escorts, it doesn’t mean they’re a “sure thing”. Most of our clients should know this by now, but sometimes it’s good to throw out a few reminders. So romance is the order of the day gents. What do you know about romance? You ought to know everything about it really, when you consider the wealth of information out there for you. This article aside for the moment, you’ve got all the popular gents online publications to consult like GQ etc. and you’ve got a whole lifetime of popular culture in the movies that have shown you how to romance virtually anyone. What do you remember from these lessons? • Be charming. Every woman, and indeed all the Asian London escorts we know, love a charming man. Being polite and attentive, with just the right amount of flirtatious behaviour really can knock the stockings off a woman! It’s mostly to do with the confidence. Now, you’re booking Asian London escorts, so you’ve got her attention for the duration of your booking. All you have to do is be charming. She’s not going to walk out unless you’re an absolute dick! Get some practice in. 3