London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 4

Hi, Welcome to this special edition of London Contacts! We are now entering autumn and as the dark nights close in, the best medicine for us is fun and contentment, after all why are we striving so hard if we cannot enjoy the surrounding pleasures in life. In these glorious pages we have a vast amount of beauties, talent covering all of your extra needs and fantasies. Without London Contacts what would/could we do? As usual there are more quality adult advertisers included in this bumper special issue than ever. The inside pages are crammed full of London’s cream of Adult Services and I am as always confident that there is something within these pages for absolutely everyone! I can think of no better way of having fun whether it be a cold bright day or a cold dark evening, every advertiser guaranteeing that your Christmas stocking(s) can be filled to the brim. And so I end another publishing year by wishing you all the best holiday time possible. May your experiences from this ultimate of 2018 issues of LONDON CONTACTS bring joy and fulfilment to your life. Get stuck in, have fun and enjoy life, a suggestion indeed but as the saying say’s “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy“ or “you only live once, enjoy it”…. Well I could go on for ever, but suggest you have some pleasure! H x 2