London Contacts Issue 66 - Page 20

Senior Sirens Reatha Connor Emma Marks Mariana Cortez Waltham Cross South Woodford Earls Court Marlena Bukova Pimlico This Agency is in praise of older women. You are about to view some of our mature escorts from the website of Senior Sirens, the original London (UK) Specialist Agency (formerly known as VintageVamps). We work with exquisite ladies, “Advanced In Years”, between 50-75+. We solely cater to the exclusive and appreciative Connoisseur in London, UK and world-wide. We’re just a phone call away... Kitty Duffy Edgware Road 18 Kinky Koko Earls Court +44 7961 45 46 45 Sadie Simmonds Bracknell Livana Parrette Lancaster Gate