London Contacts Issue 63 - Page 6

Don’t assume that your friends and family would never look at an escort web site. Don’t assume that just because your family live in another country, they won’t see the pictures: the Internet knows no boundaries – it is international. Some of the best photographers can make you look so much like a supermodel, by skilful photography and make-up, that even your partner or best friend could not be sure it was you, even if you do show your face! In other words, a good photographer can make you look so much better than real life, with skilful photography and specialised make-up etc, that nobody will believe it could be you. 4 Some girls even manage to keep their boyfriend in the dark about what they do, but it is not easy to keep such a secret from someone so close. Obviously, it is almost impossible to keep it secret if you live together. In fact, it is very hard for escort girls to have a boyfriend for these reasons, and the fact that few men will understand and tolerate their girlfriend escorting other men for money. There can be other problems with boyfriends, such as jealousy – not necessarily sexual jealousy, but jealousy of the fact the girl is earning more money from escorting than the man’s wage! Finally, every girl’s worst nightmare is arriving at a hotel room and fi nding that the client is her father! Yes, she’s every right to be indignant that her father is doing such a thing, but that doesn’t alter the fact that he now knows what she’s doing too!