London Contacts Issue 63 - Page 4

Hi, To all our advertisers and readers you do not need me to tell you that the cold weather has set in. Indeed the only thing to keep us cosy over the next few wintry months will be the exchange of warmth that you get from each new issue of London Contacts. And there’s nowhere better to start the fun off than with this issue of London Contacts hitting the vendors. We have made thousands of people happy since the very first issue of London Contacts all those years ago. Inside Issue 63 there is everything and more that you my customers want. Pictures of gorgeous sexual advertisers just waiting for your call. When you want it, there it is! Who could want anything more!! Our motto is quality sells. At London Contacts our focussed commitment to the provision of top-class adult services combined with fantastic studio and print teams, an efficient and hard-working tele-sales team and, best of all, great distribution guys ensures that everything is always exactly as it should be. I hope you are all satisfied looking through the many pictures and descriptions in this Issue 63. We cannot see how your dreams are not now well within your grasp! Till our next edition, keep it up and Keep in Contact (London Contacts)