London Contacts Issue 63 - Page 10

Also, many agencies own other agencies, just like in any other market. By analogy, if you want the best, then (arguably) you buy a new Rolls Royce, only to fi nd it’s now owned by BMW! Likewise, a top- of-the-range Ford offers the same comfort and features as a mid-range Mercedes. This is all about branding, and the same arguments apply to escort agencies. You need to look only at the websites of most of the big agencies to see a variety of prices presented in different ways, with galleries entitled: Premier, Elite, Super Elite, etc – whatever those terms may mean. Is She Worth It? Choosing an Agency There used to be a time when you had to go to a high-class agency to get high-class girls. This is because most high-class agencies felt that they would be lowering their standards by offering cheaper escorts. However, market dynamics are changing all that, and many agencies now offer a wide range of prices because of competition. Nevertheless, it’s easier for a high- class agency to move down market than it is for a down-market agency to expand upwards. 8 Are high-class escorts worth the extra cost? Well, it depends. If you really just want feminine company for an hour, with the emphasis on female, then there’s probably not much point in paying more than a mid-range price. But, many customers believe they will get something more exclusive, and more beautiful, by paying a higher price – and this is true. Certainly, if you have sophisticated tastes yourself, and want a dinner date or a longer liaison, you should consider paying more for high class. London Escort Club was set up to provide the very best value for money whether you want high class or not!