LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 7

Editor’s Report Yvonne Little Nurse Practitioner Welcome to the first edition of LOGIC for 2018. We hope you all had some rest and relaxation with family and friends over the holiday period. It is hard to believe at the time of writing this that we are now a quarter of the way into the year. It’s time to reflect – who are Primary Health Care Nurses (PHC), are we generalists or are we specialists? I believe we can claim to be in both camps, we have a wide range of general health knowledge across the Primary Health Care Sector but many of us have the specialist knowledge that goes with our areas of special interest. Hence, our regular articles each issue and our themed articles which in this issue are: Orthopaedics, Musculo-skeletal and Traumatic Brain Injury, excellent reads all of them. Which is why this year our aim at LOGIC is to bring you a variety of interesting articles from a wider range of March 2018 L.O.G.I.C writers/authors, both with a specialist and generalist focus. The sidebar here shows the themed articles planned for each issue which reflects a specialist interest but we do not intend to be an academic journal so to a FBFfW'6GFt2vRvV6R'F6W2g&ЦbRW"V&W'2w&GFVFR7GRFB7VG0R( 2f"6RF2v&R6FV֖27GRv7Bf"FW'0ח6Vb6VFVBFW7FRFPV'2BVfW'6GBv&P&Rb&VfV7FfR7F'7GR22W'6W2vR&R7&VBf BvFR7&72WrVBf"F6RW&&&V266W70F6VwVW2BVGV6F0W&2V6W"Ff"W &G'W&W'6W2vgFVv&6F6R`F6R&BF66W72'G2bW &VWFgV6VG'&Pw&rW&RBb6vV@fRFV"W"7F&W2vRBt2vVBƖRF&P&RF'&FvRFRvƗGFR'&fFr66W72F'F6W2`FW&W7BB6V7Fr0W'6W27&72FR6VG'WGv&r2FRvf'v&BB2B2gFV&BFvW@FPf`FvF6fW&V6W276V2@FRƖRt2rvFW 54vV'6FP6V@&fFRFB6GVBF6V7FfGRbW2VVBF&VfVBFPvVVW"( vƗGFR'B`( FW&R&R&V0vW&RW'6W2&R7G'VvvƖrFfB6WFF&&VPfRFR7vW""'B`FR7vW"FVW 6VwVW26vB6&PW"fFfRFV2 &V7G2( 2vR6&RFPVWFrB6vBv2&WBF6WBVFW"( 2vR6vrW&R2WBfvW'2FW&&G2@6F7BV&W"bW"t06֗GFVRvF'F6R"'F6RFVFBRvVBƖPP