LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 50

confidential. They can also do medical forensic examinations for DNA and evidence collection within 7days of a sexual assault. This can be done without police involvement, kept confidential, and stored for up to 6 months if the person is unsure if they would like to report the offence to police at the time of the medical. Police – Some people never report to police and that is their choice if they do not want police involvement. It is important the survivor has control on who they tell their story to and it is not told on behalf of them. contacted via this number 0800 88 33 00 For a list of sexual abuse support agencies nationwide visit www.rapecrisisdunedin.org.nz Michelle Ihaka Co-ordinator Wairarapa Rape and Sexual Abuse Collective Inc. 0800 614 614 If there is a discloser of being in danger, self-harming or a child is possibly being abused or at risk, a mandatory reporting process needs to be followed. Become familiar with the specialist service in your area which is a free and confidential service. It is important that you know what they offer so the information can be given correctly and be an option to pass on, or to do referral to an appropriate agency whom specifically specialise with rape and sexual abuse survivors. There is a National Rape Crisis free calling phone number that gives prompts to Region’s throughout New Zealand. Specialist organisations can be March 2018 L.O.G.I.C 48