LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 46

decile and has high needs in terms of mental health and social services. There is also a primary mental health counsellor in the same practice and we both work one day per week seeing people who have mild to moderate mental health needs. I provide comprehensive mental health assessments, diagnostic, prescribing and advice to the General Practitioners (GP) and Practice Nurses in that practice. I work short term with those I assess and provide treatment for them in terms of one to two therapy sessions or medication treatment. Once I assess that person is well enough to return to their GP care, I have a conversation with the GP. I gained NP registration in 2017 in mental health across the lifespan. Although I do see youth under the age of 16 years in the practice, I will complete a triage assessment to ascertain where their needs are best met and refer to more appropriate services for comprehensive assessments and treatment options. I also work alongside the Community Mental Health (MH) Team and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for those with more complex needs who require a multi-disciplinary team approach including a Psychiatrist. March 2018 L.O.G.I.C I work two clinical days and three leadership days with the two roles continuing to develop synergistically, one informing the other. The challenge I have is not having access to psychiatric prescribers as a requirement for NP registration and having to pay for this type of supervision. However, I am hopeful that sometime soon there will be more collaboration between specialist MH and primary health services and I will be able to work side by side in primary care with my specialist mental health colleagues. I think I have the best of both worlds in leadership and clinical practice. As an NP, I love developi rVƗG6W'f6W2F@767BW72fvFbFPVFVF77FVf"FPFVBB&R6W'f6W2&VpffW&VB&'&7F6PvW&RFW&V6VfR7B`FV"VF6&R&Vr&RFffW"6Ɩ72&'&7F6RBǒ&VVfG0FVG2'WB6f6&W6ǐW62&7F6R7Ffb6FWfR&R6fFV6R@vVFvRvVFVƖrvFF6RvFVFVF6FF226Ɩ6VFW"Bv&6ǒBFǒ&V7G2FV6RFRFV@W&WB767BFWfVp6Vb6&RB6VbFWFW&֖Ff"F6RvF֖BFFW&FPVFVF6FF2ऒ6v&66VǒvFvF&VǗFV62vfPfW'7G&rVFVFf7W2vFFV"f7VG@&7V7GW2BfRFVvBԀ76W76VBGVW2f"p7GVFVG2BgFVfVGW&R7V6Ɨ7BV2f"ԂW'6^( 0f'V0F&VvFP&FvFvWFW"vFRbFRFV2&fFp7V6Ɨ7BWBFFRFv7F0BG&VFVB6V7F2bԀVv62&VpWFFVBC