LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 36

The Council will also review how to register a nurse for the future including education preparation, 1 st year of practice and ongoing competencies. The executive asked if there would be a review of the number of competencies required for ongoing PDRP or audits and were advised this is on the table but not immediately. The HPCA Act is in the process of being reviewed, with some changes expected to regulatory bodies and changes to the way data is collected for the Ministry of Health. Primary health care nurses knowledge and skills framework The Professional Practice committee acknowledged the amount of work that has been done in bringing this document to fruition and thanked the author Yvonne Stillwell for her commitment to the project. The consultation process has been completed. We have provided feedback to the MidCentral DHB team and look forward to releasing the updated version in the near future. Health Workforce New Zealand A link has been added to the College webpage under the ‘Resources’ tab. If wondering how to access nursing education funding for the NETP or post-graduate studies check out this page, with a list of all the DHB study fund co-ordinators. Document Reviews Work is progressing on updating the “Maximising the Nursing Contribution to Positive Health Outcomes for the New Zealand Population.” It has been agreed that this document needs are thorough update and is on the 2018 work plan. The Electronic Resources has been updated and due to be on the webpage by the end of April. Back L-R. Cathy Nichols, Emma Hickson, Irene Tukerangi, Annie Tyldesley, Bronwyn Boele van Hensbroek- Miller, Linda Reihana, Tasha Morris Front L-R. Yvonne Little, Tegan Jones, Wendy King, Celeste Gilmer (Chair), Angela Clark and Kelly McDonald-Beckett March 2018 L.O.G.I.C 34