LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 34

• o Will I need extra time? o What can I do to make the activity easier? Minimise distractions so you can concentrate For further information and resources, please see the following links: Laura Fergusson Trust http://lftcant.co.nz/services/co ncussion-services REFERENCES Chae, H. (2013). Retrieved from https://www.brainline.org/ Feigin, V. L., Theadom, A., Barker-Collo, S., Starkey, N. J., McPherson, K., Kahan, M., … Ameratunga, S. (2013). Incidence of traumatic brain injury in New Zealand: A population-based study. The Lancet Neurology, 12(1), 53–64. Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (2013). Guidelines for Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Persistent Symptoms ACC http://www.acc.co.nz & http://www.accsportsmart.co.n z/concussion Rusnak, M. (2013). Traumatic brain injury: Giving voice to a silent epidemic. Nature Reviews New Zealand Transport Agency - Driving after Brain Injury Neurology, 9(4), 186–187. http://nzta.govt.nz/resources/f actsheets/36/ Saigal R., Berger