LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 16

The experience of being a telehealth triage nurse I am an experienced Telehealth Triage Nurse. I work in the nursing team at Homecare Medical who run a range of national telehealth services offering free health, mental health and addictions support and also clinical support for General Practices after hours. During a shift, I deal with calls regarding anything and everything about health, the variety is amazing. My job satisfaction is high as long as staffing levels are appropriate and almost every caller I feel I've been able to assist in some way. I work in a health call center, however, some of my colleagues work out of their own home offices. TYPE OF WORK: Telephone triage and health advice is accessible to anyone in March 2018 L.O.G.I.C Pip Carter is an RN with 26 years of experience having worked in hospital, prison, mole map service, public health vaccination and telehealth triage roles. HomeCare Medical is New Zealand's National Telehealth Service provider. For more information see their website: http://www.homecaremedical.co.nz/ New Zealand via a free 0800 service which is also available to cellphones. Occasionally, the service is accessed from boats via ship to shore radio or Skype. Patients or someone with them rings directly and the service can be very useful for a variety of reasons including for those on home detention. The service covers New Zealand jurisdiction only, however callers occasionally ring from overseas. These callers are advised to access healthcare in their current country of residence as our nursing registration is New Zealand specific. There is much variety in the telehealth role. Enquiries can range from: pre-and post op issues; medical problems; injuries; seasonal problems such as sunburn and flu; elderly people’s issues; pregnancy; sexual health; mental health…...you name it, I've taken calls about it! I also work on other specific “lines” in the same tele-triage role, for example, “after hours” General Practice care co-ordination; and Elder Abuse Response Service. 14