LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 14

up, but these days, thanks to Tane Takitu Ake, I am made of sterner stuff and my quest goes on… Testimonial 2 My name is P.K, I’m a mature male Maori aged 47 currently living in Ngongotaha, Rotorua, this is about Tane Takitu Ake (T.T.A) Standing together as Men. Near the end of 2016 I had a few events that changed my life forever! Personal issues, poor diet and next to no exercise leading to Deep Depression, it wasn’t good at all! needed to do something! I was referred to Tane Takitu Ake (T.T.A) course run by Korowai Aroha - Health Centre in Rotorua, I went to my interview Koro Wai and spoke to “Otts” “Stormy” & “Tim” T.T.A course facilitators they made me feel Welcome, they explained to me what the course was all about, let the healing begin starting, January 2017 this is my journey, Dealing with deep depression wasn’t easy at all! It was affecting everything connected to my life, the first week we did our “Obs” with “Tim” the biggest concern was Dealing with depression, I weighted 136kgs, high Blood sugars 13.5 levels pre Diabetes, everything else seemed to be fine, Over a 10 week T.T.A course or learning to Exercise March 2018 L.O.G.I.C safely, Healthy Eating, Cancer education, Looking after your Heart, Team Building Activities, Learning more about our Māori culture, Waka huia, better physical, spiritual, mental, emotional health and how it all connects Us. After 10 the weeks T.T.A course we did our second “Obs” My weight was down to 126.5kgs and my blood sugar levels were 8 almost back to normal, great results. I found the TTA to be very beneficial for men’s Physical, Spiritual and mental health, showing other men that were not alone, giving us the tools to deal with day to day issues, being a better Partner, better fathers, better role models. As I continue my Journey with Waka Huia, Martial Arts and new-found T.T.A brothers, equipped with the new tools to navigating life, in a way better Physical, Spiritual and Mental health way! This course is badly needed by all men needing support, I highly recommend Tane Takitu Ake (T.T.A) Program to all Brothers in need of further Help, thank you for your time and listening to my short story. P.G.Kaiwai 12