LOGIC March 2018 Vol 17 Vol 1 - Page 13

Tāne Tatiku Ake (Men standing together) Testimonials In the December issue of L.O.G.I.C., Tim Ryan wrote about the work of the Tāne Tatiku Ake (Men standing together) innovation program in Rotorua. Now, with the consent of the participants, we present 3 testimonials, in their own words, from men who have experienced this program. Testimonial 1 My story begins at the end of my sentence. I had just been released from Springhill prison and was standing at the bus stop with my $350 ‘steps to freedom’ chit, feeling bewildered and afraid. It’s quite surreal having been in a highly regimented and organised environment, and then suddenly finding yourself standing in the street where every temptation is only a block away. I hadn’t realised the emotional toll that prison life had taken on me until I was out and I arrived home to Rotorua a broken man. My immediate thought was to get trashed so that’s exactly what I did. I don’t remember March 2018 L.O.G.I.C much about the next couple of months except that I lived in a haze of alcohol, isolating myself, not answering the phone or the door or even opening the curtains. One fortunate event had happened for me, although I didn’t know it at the time, and that was that the prison had referred me to the local mental health centre to visit with a psychologist. He encouraged me to get out of the house, first just to attend appointments, and then to re-apply for my drivers licence, which I had lost indefinitely, and also to take part in a group, run by the Korowai Aroha Health Centre and known as the Tane Takitu Ake programme. The psychologist didn’t tell me that one of the prerequisites for re-applying for my licence was that I had to stop drinking! With that crutch gone, I did as I was told and started attending the programme. At first, sitting in a room with a group of men didn’t have much appeal for me so soon out of prison. However, I eventually began to notice that I was actually looking forward to these sessions and what v0&VrFVvBF&Vv6W760W'FrFWG&FFP&WfVFb66W"@F&WFW2vFW&rfBFPvW&RBFFƖrvW@FRRv2V&rFFR&W76&ƗGf"ח6VbגVFBr6V@6WfR&RVFƖfW7GRऒv2&VvrFv&Bb6Vb6fFV6R'6&pvFFRw&WBV&pFR6VBbגvf6RF2GRb6WGFrBFV6&rvBBV&BvFג'FW"vV6ǒf"RB7FB'ג6FRv0V&r&WBג&6FPv6BVvV7FVBfW"FPV'2Bג6V6Rb&FR&Vr( vv>( &VvF&WGW&WfVGVǒWfW'FrFB@V&B&VvF'V"fbFא'FW"B6R2r7FfVǐ'F6FrW"VFVFrWFRW6Pv626&VVFFP&VVfBbW"VvvRgFW"66RFR&w&R0VFVBfRVFW'FV7GVGFRfVBb&VF@VFVFBFF7F#FVBF6FVP7GVGrFRFGRPG&GV6VBRFFRwB6FVRFWW&66RvRא'FW"2&V6RfBwЦV&W"BvW2&VƖvW6ǐWfW'F7FfVǒ6VVpFvVVBFPVFGW7G'FVvfP7VffW&VB6WF&62GVRFג7&֖7F'FR7@FW6R6WF&62vVBfR&VVVVvFfRFRRvfP