Lodge Siting Guide - Page 8

Fixing Internal Roof Boxes Please Note: Roof box design can change depending on model. However, methods of fixing detailed in this instruction still apply Typical fixing method used on a Boston style roof box with one screw fitted into each ridge timber Plastic screw caps will need to be fitted to these exposed screws, on other designs corner trims hide fixing screws The following instructions are on the understanding that the roof box has been trimmed (if required) and ready to fit into position. The roof boxes are designed to be screwed through the front face and upwards into the timber frame work of the roof construction, fixing screws are provided and depending on model plastic screw caps or trims. Please Note: Fixing the roof box by any other means could render the roof box unsafe. Fixings points (screws) should be positioned at either end of the roof box and evenly spaced between, with a distance of no more than 1metre apart. Please Note: Nails should not be used to secure the roof box into position. Care must be taken that fixing screws get a good hold into the timber framework of the roof construction such as a ridge timber and/or roof truss, (not ceiling panels). Please Note: The ceiling panels are decorative and should not be used to secure the roof box into position. Page 8 of 12