Lodge Siting Guide - Page 7

Siting checks At this point both halves of the unit should be checked to make sure that: ? Windows and doors are free to operate correctly ? Window & door, locks & catches operate freely ? Roof is level at its ridge from back to front (visual check is required internally and externally) ? Both floors are fixed together and level with each other ? Walls are level/parallel ? Internal doors fit snugly within their frames and door furniture operates correctly Cut, Trim and Fit Ridge The ridge capping boards can now be fitted to seal the roof against weather conditions. Temporarily lay out the ridge until completely satisfied it is parallel and straight with the roof before fixing in place. Fit Ridge Finials and Ridge End Caps Once the ridge has been aligned and screwed in place, the finials and end capping where applicable can be fitted. The finials are simply for decoration, and can be either glued or screwed onto the end of the bargeboard. Mastic sealant should be applied to the underside of the ridge end cap before it is screwed to the bargeboard. Soffit trims are also fitted on some models Exterior Cladding To complete the external finishing of the unit, it is necessary to fit a finishing strip to both front and back of the van, depending on models. Page 7 of 12