Local Impact Zone Weekly Newsletter April 28, 2014 - Page 7

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Costa Vida

Treasure Valley

At Costa Vida we live by the mantra of “excellence with every customer, every meal, every day.” We are confident that this can only be achieved by staying true to our roots and serving the most delicious food to wow every customer that comes through our doors. In an industry that continues to dumb down their products, we believe a meal made the hard way is the right way and will win the day.

A Surfboard Shaper is an expert who creates custom surfboards the hard-way, the right-way – by hand.

In an age where everything from surfboards to the food we eat is mass-produced, Costa Vida is rebelling against soul-less food. Like the Surfboard Shaper, we put passion into everything we do.

You'll never see us pour pre-made salsa out of a bag that was mixed at some corporate lab and shipped across the country. Costa Vida goes to great lengths to ensure the freshest all-natural ingredients are used and prepared from scratch each day. After all, a meal made fresh daily, just tastes better!

The intense and diverse flavors of Costa Vida will make your taste buds boogie and leave you satisfied and energized.

We love food, and know you do too.

Costa Vida®

Eat Well. Live Inspired.™

Come see us at one of our 3 locations in the Treasure Valley. Boise, Meridian and now Nampa


Breakfast at Costa Vida?

Yes! Costa Vida in Nampa and Boise are hosting the LIZ Power Breakfasts. Denman Wagstaff, owner of the 3 locations in the Treasure Valley, has teamed up with his chef to design a special breakfast menu just for LIZ. How cool is that? Come join us every Monday morning at the Nampa or Boise location from 8-9AM. Meet other local businesses in your area, win prizes, and leave ready and refreshed for the week with a LIZ business tip.