Local Impact Zone Weekly Newsletter April 28, 2014 - Page 11

Pressing Matters Massage Therapy &

Naturopathic Health

We are a Whole-istic practice looking at ways to heal your entire body through Medical Massage Therapy and Naturopathic Health (Natural Means). We can provide many different varieties

of Massage Therapy during a single session including Functional Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Energetic Techniques, and Swedish massage. We believe that every BODY is different and that body may have different needs on different days, therefore, we will tailor our techniques to what needs present themselves when you come in.

You can contact Dr. Izner at (208) 995-2891

We offer Nutritional Consultations and Naturopathic Exams in addition to the massage services described above. Through Live and Dried Blood Assessment, we are able to determine what nutritional deficits may be present. We carry a full line of nutraceuticals to help the body return to optimal health.

NLP Secure

NLP Secure leads the marketplace with technological payment solutions and convenience integration. We partner with financial institutions, software companies, and technology providers to elevate service and create technology for schools, nonprofits, medical, dental, legal practices, faith-based organizations, restaurants, retail, e-commerce, and government agencies of all sizes.

No matter your business type, we can provide you with a customized payment solution to fit your needs. Whether it's helping you process credit/debit cards and eChecks or creating a customized website payment portal, NLP Secure can get you started and help you grow your business.

Contact Dan Harrington and his team at (855) 498-1666

Living Waters

Do you know of anyone who is hurting? Do you feel tired, sluggish or have a chronic Condition and nothing seems to work? When the body is Clean you have the ability to Heal ANY-THING. People come from all over the world to do our unique 10 day Cleanse. A physical, emotional, spiritual, mental cleanse. We believe you are made in God's image and as such if you give the body the ability to heal, it will. By natural law we heal from within outward. When you were concieved the first item that formed was the umbilical cord and then your 2nd Brain. Your Second brain is your large intestine. Every organ in your body has a nerve that connects to the large intestine. How the large intestine lives is how you live. Is a Cleanse right for you? For more information see THE MOVIE www.livingwaterscleanse.com and call for a FREE tour or 20 minute consultation. 208.378.9911