Local Impact Zone Weekly Newsletter April 28, 2014 - Page 10

Mongos Grill

Re-inventing the "Mongolian" bbq concept. We offer fresh, healthy, convenient options. With 27 different vegetables, a wide variety of seafoods and meats, 6 types of noodles, and over 30 sauces. You create your own entree, we cook it right in front of you. Multiple trips through the food lines with all-inclusive salad bar. If you are not in the mood for a traditional Asian stir fry, we have alfredo sauce and mac n cheese sauce, along with tortillas, flavored wraps, eggs, and cheese. This restaurant is classy and very interactive. Fun for all ages; accommodations for large groups.

Visit their location in Meridian at

3560 N Eagle Road

Meridian, ID 83646