Local Impact Zone Weekly Newsletter April 28, 2014 clone_ - Page 7

What's in a LOGO?

If you haven't already guessed it, we have recently changed our logo.

A few years ago when we started Local Impact Zone we wanted to create a logo that would resonate with our culture and was eye catching to our audience.

We never looked at the meaning behind the colors and the sharp images that came across as dark and cold. The image also didn't have much meaning behind it. We just selected the logo we liked best at the time.

With that said, we decided to hone in on what we wanted our logo to represent. Brett Labit, CEO and owner shares with us the new meaning of the logo and what it entales.

Brett Labit: I think that logo design is very subjective and there isn’t one size that fits all. A company and its culture end up making the logo what it represents.

In designing our new logo, we asked the wonder ful

Holly Bussmus of NLP Secure to keep these things in mind: Consistent unwavering support, real and meaningful community, cutting edge next play paradigm,inclusiveness, non-judgmental, law of reciprocity, friendship, acceptance, love, empowerment, hope.

Thank you goes out to funding partner, Dan Harrington for donating his graphic design department to LIZ and to Holly for working hard on several designs and coming up with the one that we chose to take us into the future!

Written by Brett Labit

"Consistent, unwavering support, real and meaningful community"