Local Impact Zone Weekly Newsletter April 28, 2014 clone_ - Page 6

RIDE THE WELLNESS WAVE with LIZ Funding Partner: Costa Vida

By Christy Stansell

Everywhere you look these days, there’s new awareness about Health and Wellness. Even restaurants are getting in on the movement. One restaurant in particular is setting the bar very high by providing the freshest served-to-order food you can get: Costa Vida!

Every bite of food is prepared fresh from scratch, by hand, every day, from the tortillas to the salsa, and the sweet pork to the chipotle chicken. No pre-packaged and shipped ingredients here. Instead, chefs can be seen chopping piles of fresh cilantro and tomatoes, and whatever else you would like in your taco, burrito, or other menu item.

As fabulous as the fresh food is, Costa Vida’s commitment to the guests’ experience is just as impressive.

The restaurants are designed to let you feel like you’re taking a rejuvenating trip to the Baja Coast, complete with the waves and surf boards.

All Costa Vida employees live by the TIDAL values: “Team – we work together as one; Integrity – we deliver on our promises; Discipline – we are systems driven; Assertive – we strive for excellence;

Love – we value and respect our Costa Family.” Does that sound like LIZ or what? Costa Vida’s motto “Eat Well, Live Inspired” fits with the Local Impact Zone culture perfectly. LIZ is proud to have Costa Vida as a funding partner and host of the LIZ Power Breakfasts in Nampa and Boise. Also visit their third location in Meridian.