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Time Managed... Not just a calendar

Custom Company Planners and Productivity Coaching

The Time Managed concept was developed by Sara Jane Weidner

and her desire to build a better planner and eliminate the need to carry a notebook plus a planner. The digital route simply was not meeting her needs. She came up with the planner for her own use and soon found others wanting one like it.

She can build checklists, project management tools, and tracking sheets for incorporation into monthly and weekly views. The features of the basic quarterly planner include: areas for goal setting, areas for gratitude, annual view, month views, weekly views (with daily focus, top six tasks, time slots, and incidental tasks), two lined pages and two mind mapping pages between each week, and finally many pages at the back for notes

Time Managed doesn't just do planners; they also do workshops, keynotes, and lunch'n'learns. Topics that can be covered include:

*Time Managed 101: time blocking, daily focus, top six tasks, and project management

* Creating Priorities and Establishing Boundaries

* Goal Setting and Gratitude

* Vision Board Party's

* Mind Mapping: Getting it out of your head

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