LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2017 - Page 69

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE By Mike Cook Photography by Jenn Duncan Yeah, that is an awesome bar name. FYI, we’re gonna shorten it just a bit and after considering both “Lil’ Danny” or “Go Fly a Kite,” we’re just gonna roll with LDSGFAKL throughout. LDSGFAKL seems to have traction on social media and our other two options didn’t quite fit, so, sit back, relax and enjoy (some nice words about) LDSGFAKL, which is, in essence, exactly what you would to if you were there in person at 823 Dumble, just a waaaaaays out on the east side of Downtown. Around the center of the area of narrow streets north of 45 but south of the Original Ninfa’s (Navigation Blvd.), you’ll find LDSGFAKL, with an outdoor area on the side and some parking in front of its modest building on a corner lot in Eastwood. We hope you’ve heard of Eastwood because it’s certainly one of the more unique neighborhoods in the city. Gaining traction, but still underap- preciated in our non-Champions School of Real Estate-certified expert opinion. Anyway, enough with the realtor talk. LDSGFAKL has had a few lives before the new owners took her on, apparently even once being the nuisance of the neighborhood. Those days are long gone now, considering our new owners run some of the best dives in the city (Big Star, Grand Prize Bar, etc.). The low building also boasts an outdoor player piano (as of press time) and a killer painting of their logo on the front of the building, which you can rest assured, it sure does include a kite. Inside, LDSGFAKL is small with a low ceiling, and a few tables/booths, all lit up like a dive with a pool table, jukebox, Street Fighter, Pac-Man pinball and an all-around good feel. Note that there isn’t any food at LDSGFAKL but seeing as how this is the Food Issue, we think you’ll have some other options. As authentic as the name, the service, selection and clientele are the real deal. This is a true neighborhood bar full of locals, both long-term and pioneering newcomers. It’s a great mix with a lot of interesting and lively conversation to be had outside on the picnic tables, just the right size for sharing. And with the full bar offering plenty of options such as a hearty selection of canned beer spanning big beer as well as all the craft newcomers you’d want to drink, a rotating frozen cocktail option and of course a wide array of spirits, all will be drinking well, too. Our group recently just went bartender’s choice on four rounds of canned beer, something we’d recommend trying if you’re up for the variety. Really, that’s how we feel about LDSGFAKL in general. It’s a great little bar if you’re up for the variety. And remember, variety is the spice of life. GO FLY A KITE LOUNGE 823 Dumble St., Houston, TX 77023 | 713.505.1151 www.Lildannyspeedosgoflyakitelounge.com www.facebook.com/lildannyspeedosgoflyakitelounge september 17 | L O C A L 69