LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2017 - Page 63

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE OUR KIDS AREN’T IN A BUBBLE What Professor Steve Klineberg lectures, we live. I am so proud to see our children growing up elbow to elbow with kids of all races, nationalities and reli- gions, and not seeing anything remarkable about it. A CITY OF BUILDERS It is so much easier to make great things happen here than anywhere I know. Houstonians have a positive attitude about the future and will generously get behind good ideas to create that future. That fosters more ideas and more success. INTERNATIONAL It’s like the whole world comes to Houston and our businesses reach out to the world. That gives Houstonians experiences and perspectives you can’t get anywhere else in the U.S. september 17 | L O C A L 63