LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2017 - Page 46

DINE ON A DIME 1 GREAT MEALS FOR TEN BUCKS OR LESS By Anthony Rathbun | Photography provided by the Restaurants 2 3 Life is random. What can one ever depend on in a world where so many things are in flux? Many may agree that being able to nourish oneself is paramount to a quality life. Whether we live with time constraints, money concerns or just plain being slammed in obligations, we need to eat if we are to “go-go-go.” I’ve been thinking about the businesses I love to dine from when I’ve a little time to sit, or need to be on the run. Where I know I can be satisfied with neither too little nor too much – a portion at a price that fits in with a budget, a 10-dollar budget for the sake of this article, to be specific. All of the following places are along routes I travel. I’m not seeking to play favorites, rather to share what I know and like. As Houston is laden with quality restaurants, there are many options in many price ranges all over our city. I encourage you to stay open to exploring the many options this city has. Lastly, I only included a drink with one of the places below. Drinks are so varied and who knows what you’ll be in the mood for. 4 NOW, THE LIST. BOOMTOWN COFFEE – 242 W. 19th St., Houston, TX 77008 | www.boomtowncoffee.com One of these is enough for most people. Two is for the hungry! Boomtown Taco – fried egg taco, avocado, black bean, cheese $4.50 x 2 – $9.74 after tax REVIVAL MARKET – 550 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77007 | www.agricolehospitality.com Portioned just right. I love their Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy. You get sausage gravy, two fried yard eggs (I like mine over easy), topped with chives. $9.74 after tax LES GIVRAL’S KAHVE– 4601 Washington Ave., Houston, TX 77007 | www.lesgivrals.com Bahn Mi, please! Options include shredded chicken, tofu, steam/roast pork, chargrill beef/chicken/pork/meatball and fish with tomato sauce. Most are $2.50 with the most expensive being chargrill beef at $4.00. As a legit part of the meal, I suggest for you caffeine 46 L O C A L | september 17 lovers, a Cafe Su Da for $3. My favorite choice is a tofu Bahn Mi sans cucumber and a Cafe Su Da. $6.44 after tax BUBBA’S TEXAS BURGER SHACK – 5230 Westpark Dr., Houston, TX 77056 www.bubbastexasburgershack.com Sooooo tasty, this place has saved me on multiple occasions. Note, you can call ahead to pick up your order very easily here. My favorite is a buffalo cheeseburger on wheat, dry. Side of jalapeno potato salad. $8.70, $9.42 after tax Lastly, and perhaps not along any of the routes I trav- el, I suggest…. YOUR OWN KITCHEN An endless bounty of possibility at variable cost! My favorite home creations recently have included cast iron steak and over easy eggs, eggplant and mixed pepper ratatouille, many variations on breakfast tacos, garlic and mixed olive sautéed chicken breast over potato gnocchi, and even an occasional cup of French press coffee spiked with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. You can be easy or gourmet with simple ingredients at minimal cost. Be inventive. Collect cookbooks. Search online recipes. Learn how to use broad ingredients that are flexible to multiple styles of cuisine. You can even experiment by modifying prepackaged foods if you feel unsure of yourself. What I’ve learned? Good taste doesn’t have to be expensive. 1.BOOMTOWN COFFEE 2.REVIVAL MARKET 3.LES GIVRAL’S 4. BUBBA’S TEXAS BURGER SHACK