LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2017 - Page 44

Naturally, dives and food trucks aren’t for every occasion. Sometimes it’s important to class it up. If so, look no further than Downtown’s HEARSAY GASTRO LOUNGE. If you don’t mind spending a little more at this trendy speakeasy, order the Byrd. This magical burger consists of an Angus patty, bacon, friend egg, avocado, cheddar and mozzarella served on a sweet bun so good you’d eat it alone. As a finishing touch it’s served with a cup of the house “mac & four cheese.” This would be my favorite burger if not for the fine folks back at THE HAY MERCHANT. Houston owes a great debt to Chef/Owner Chris Shepherd, not only for the culi- nary masterpiece that is Underbelly, but for the Hay Merchant and their Cease and Desist burger. Made from two beef patties smothered in cheddar cheese, topped with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes on a lightly toasted bun, the Cease and Desist is everything you want in a burger. Perfection via beef and cheese. Of course, that’s just my take. Whatever your burger preferences are, I hope you get out there this month and try some local favorites. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. 5 The Burger Joint 5.The Burger Joint www.bu ɝɩѡํ(عQ!5ɍ)ܹ嵕ɍй(ܹ ́=Ё ɝ)ܹͽщɝȹ)Q!5ɍ) ́=Ё ɝ((()0< 0)͕ѕȀ