LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2017 - Page 42

THE ESSENTIAL HOUSTON BURGER TOUR By Carlos Brandon LET ME GET ONE THING OUT OF THE WAY UP FRONT. THERE IS A DECENT CHANCE THAT YOUR FAVORITE BURGER IS NOT MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE. HOUSTON IS A LARGE CITY WITH AN EVEN LARGER APPETITE. OUTSIDE OF WRITING A BOOK, I COULDN’T POSSIBLY COVER ALL OF ITS NOTE- WORTHY AND DELICIOUS BURGERS. HOWEVER, THIS IS MY IDEA OF THE PERFECT HOUSTON BURGER EXPERIENCE. FROM WORN OUT OLD DIVES TO HIP COCKTAIL BARS, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERY BURGER IN THIS LIST. JUST DO TRY TO PACE YOURSELF. So what makes a good burger? It’s like asking what makes a perfect day. For me it boils down to three ingredients: bun, beef, and cheese. Don’t get me wrong, throw a fried egg or some bacon in the mix and you’ve got my attention. But a well-cooked patty with melted cheese on a toasted bun is a thing of beauty. That said, what better place to start than THE BURGER JOINT? Whether you stop into one of their two locations or catch the truck around town, this Montrose favorite is king of the simplistic burger. In the same vein of classic recipes and high-quality ingredients is the Heights’ newest burger attraction, BALLS OUT BURGER. The recently opened eatery serves up old school singles and doubles on locally sourced buns with a no-frills attitude. Pair one with a St. Arnold beer and an order of sweet potato fries and you’re in for a good time. If you find yourself uptown, save on gas and make your way to BUBBA’S TEXAS BURGER SHACK. Bubba’s is a dive if I’ve ever seen one. This literal shack, hidden under the Westpark overpass, is best known for its buffalo burgers. One of these bad boys with cheese, bacon and fried egg is a meal not soon forgotten. Hearsay Gastro Lounge 1 42 L O C A L | september 17