LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 60

continued from page 58 THE ART GUYS COLOSSI | Gigantic statues on the ship channel Michael: We had a few photo shoots and articles that appeared in 002 and we truly enjoyed them very much. Many people saw us in 002 and the exposure and advertising were great. And since advertising was the nature of the work we were doing at the time, it was perfect. Because of all the exposure, we couldn’t keep the girls away. CAN YOU SHARE CURRENT ART-RELATED PROJECTS? Michael: We’re working on a few projects all at the same time. Some have yet to be realized so we can’t really speak about them yet. One is in Boulder, Colorado, and the other is here in Houston. Some other projects are: One project that we haven’t realized is called Every Man A King that is a monument to a person selected at random from Houston. Here’s a link to that work: www.theartguys.com/Every_Man_A_King.html • Another project we’re doing are gigantic statues of us located on the Ship Channel called “The Art Guys Colossi.” www.theartguys.com/IMAGES/Works/PublicArt/Colossi_Houston_Ship_Channel.jpg • We’ve made some balloons to float over museums everywhere. • Perhaps the most important project that we are working on is called Send Us Money wherein people from all over the world send us cash in the mail. It’s sort of like a crowd-sourcing project only better because we don’t do anything but still get paid. So far, the project is going a little slowly. However, if any of your readers are interested in participating, all they need to do is put at least $20 in an envelope and send it to us. Our address may be found on our website: www.TheArtGuys.com. 60 L O C A L | september 16 BIGGEST CHANGE IN LAST 18 YEARS? Jack: Aging. Michael: For me personally, the biggest change is getting married and having a son. My family brings me joy beyond words. The other important change is that I got a new pair of socks. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING MOST FORWARD TO IN THE NEXT 18 YEARS? Jack: Aging. Michael: Getting a new pair of socks and writing about it here. ART GUYS FROM ABOVE | Giant balloons over a museum DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THE EXPOSURE FROM BEING ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE AS REPUTABLE AS 002 WAS LIKE? (HAHAHAH!) Jack: I got laid, thanks for asking.