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WHERE ARE THEY NOW By Carla Valencia de Martinéz Jack Massing + Michael Galbreth (a.k.a. the Art Guys) LOCAL has been publishing for over 18 years and we have the archives to show it. With this column we continue to reach back into our old issues to see “Where are they now?” OCTOBER 1999 SEPTEMBER 2016 Photography by Ricardo Merendoni Photography by Jack Thompson VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 10 | OCTOBER 1999 THE ART GUYS BACK IN OCTOBER 1999, THE ART GUYS WERE BUSY “INVADING OUR DAILY CONSCIOUSNESS,” WITH THEIR FRANKLY WACKED- OUT PROJECTS – FROM THE 1000 COATS OF PAINT BILLBOARD TO THE SUITS PROJECT, WHICH CLIMAXED WITH A STRIPTEASE-LIKE PER- FORMANCE ON JULY 25, 1999, AT THE CRYSTAL BALLROOM WHERE THEY STRIPPED OFF TODD OLDHAM-DESIGNED SUITS. THEY GRACED THAT OCTOBER 1999 COVER IN THOSE SUITS WHILE RID- ING A LARGER THAN LIFE BOTTLE OF ABSOLUT VODKA. WE THOUGHT IT’D BE FUN TO CATCH UP WITH THE PAIR. Carla: I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind. Jack Massing: Not at all. That was really a statement; not a question. WHAT PROJECT FROM 1999 IS YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY? Jack: 12 Events – Every month something new to perform! I really liked the combination of events because some were very easy to prepare for and had only a few audience members (like A Length of String which took place in a concrete bayou for about 5 hours) compared to others that were quite monumental (like Loop that required 10 different drivers for a 24-hour ride around the 610 loop, or The Longest Street in Houston which took many months of preparation due to the physical nature of walking 29.6 miles in a day). The entire 12 Events was a very interesting study of, and interaction with, the City of Houston, which was rewarding and fun in many ways. (For more information about all the events, you can look at the project here: www.theartguys.com/12events.html.) Michael Galbreth: In equal proportion, my favorite projects were the Absolut billboard project and the SUITS project. Both of these projects were incredibly fun to do. They were popular and successful but mainly outside of the “art world.” They seem very prescient today. www.theartguys.com/Absolut.html www.theartguys.com/SUITS.html continued on page 60 58 L O C A L | september 16