LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 46

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE EVELYN’S PARK SCULPTURE BRINGS A CLASSIC TO LIFE By Holly Beretto | Photography by Jenn Duncan “Curioser and curiouser,” says Alice of all she encounters once she tumbles down the rabbit hole in the LEWIS CARROLL classic Alice in Wonderland, which marks its 150th anniversary this year. You might well be saying the same thing, once you see the gigantic statue in Bellaire’s Evelyn’s Park that immortalizes one of the book’s most beloved scenes. “It’s such an exciting project!” says artist BRIDGETTE MONGEON, the artist whose life-size rendition of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party will be one of the park’s most prominent art pieces. “I hope it will encourage people of all ages to explore – just like Alice did.” Mongeon’s massive rendition of the classic scene is called Move One Place On, named for a line the Mad Hatter shouts during the festivities. Both the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are eight feet tall. Alice in her chair is so large, you can sit next to her if you like. There’s an eightfoot bench and the 10-foot tea table, where you join in on the party. And, of course, you’ll find the Cheshire Cat and a couple of Door Mice, as well as a host of tea service items. Mongeon sees her rendition as a place where people can gather and even pack a picnic and dine with the Wonderland residents. book.” In all, there are 150 elements hidden in the sculpture, which should provide hours of family fun, and make each visit to the scene unique. In Move One Place On, Mongeon combined both 3-D technology and traditional sculpting measures in creating the project for the park. Her bronze statues were first crafted with 3-D printing and then clay. The huge artwork is fanciful and will no doubt bring smiles to the faces of visitors. Mongeon has