LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 42

They immediately thought of de Menil to help them. “The idea was to find a developer who understood an artist’s aesthetic and who would be a thoughtful partner in green design that was also fine design,” Massing says. There are floor plans for one-, twoand three-bedroom houses with attached artist studios. The houses are designed to be durable, efficient and all-electric. Roofs are made ready for solar panels so the homes could run entirely from solar. At this time, prices range from $275,000–$450,000. Lots are extremely generous, and while it’s not “affordable housing,” it’s a great value for buyers. “It’s for artists who are all grown up now,” she explains. “They’re mid-career, they can afford a home, and now they don’t have to leave their houses to go to work.” Construction on NoLo Studios will begin in late October. Right now, the team is putting in the infrastructure – including water, electricity, sewage and roads – that will support this brand-new community in a historic Houston nei