LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 34

MUSEUM DISTRICT HIGHLIGHTS CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF HOUSTON THE MENIL COLLECTION HOUSTON CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY CRAFT Mid-Autumn Festival 1500 Binz St. | 713.522.1138 | www.cmhouston.org Picasso The Line 1533 Sul Ross St. | 713.525.9400 | www.menil.org BEST IF USED BY 4848 Main St. | 713.529.4884 | www.crafthouston.org Revel in the majesty of the moon and the joys of the harvest as the Children’s Museum celebrates the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. Explore Vietnamese and Asian culture as you strut your stuff in traditional Viet garb and compete to win prizes in the fashion show, watch lion dancers express their joy and happiness, create a lantern and carry it in a traditional parade, sample some delicious mooncake, and then capture a timeless keepsake at a photo booth! 34 H\[X\ MX\H[H[Y\][HB[[\ܝ[\[وXX\&\›ۙ\Y\]]\H L و\ܚۈ\\][HYH[HقYY][\H[܈[[\[[YKH^X][ۈ\[ܚ™HXX[]]HX[ۜ[B[]Y]\[]\K]\[وX]H]\Y[^X]Y[H[]Y]\[\\H[K\Y[^[\\š[HY[[X[۸&\[˂\ܛ\^X][ۈܙ[^YH\]ܚX[[\Z\[\Y]\H[[ZX[\X[ۈوܘY[[۝[\ܘ\H[\KX]\[^K˂[[\][ۘ[\\HY[وܘY[\\[[\H[][[[\B^\Y[[]][^][ۈ[ZYH[]Y[XXHو[XYH[\KHܚ[TQTQH[\Y]HH[[[Y[و\HܛˈY]\\H[]Y™^[Z[HH[\X[[]\[]X[]Y\وH\^YYYX\[وX\H\^[X[Y[وY][ۋXX[^YۛYK\[\B[\\K