LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 24

CLUB•ICE HOUSE•LOUNGE By Mike Cook Photography by Daniel Ortiz LOVE BUZZ NINETEEN NINETY! Stop me if you heard this one before. It’s Friday night, you walk into a Montrose bar and Marge Simpson, Ronald McDonald and a velociraptor are already there. It’s not Halloween, at least you don’t think it is (confirms date on iPhone®) and it’s still 2016. Grunge is playing from the jukebox, “he’s heating up” just got yelled from an NBA JAM, and now you’re wondering just how many pregame drinks you had. But you’re here, and this is real life. It’s just Love Buzz. Maybe you picked up on the theme here. And just like the 90’s, there’s a lot to like about Love Buzz. The Westheimerfronting patio with plenty of seating is solid. Inside, there is plenty of other seating, including tables, booths and barstools if you like sitting right at the bar. The decor is appropriately a solid mix of 90’s pop culture. That’s where those characters we mentioned earlier come into play … those raptors out front. Missing some skeeball in your life? Love Buzz has two. And anyone who had both NBA JAM and Street Fighter II in the same place would have easily been the coolest person we knew in LOVE BUZZ | 408 Westheimer www.instagram.com/boozenirvana www.facebook.com/boozenirvana 24 L O C A L | september 16 middle school. There’s also foosball and air hockey if those were more your jam. Just like Pop Up Video, you’re gonna learn or remember a lot by taking a few minutes to look around the interior. The shadowbox with the autographed Nirvana guitar really sealed the deal for us. These guys are all in on the theme. And they’ve got the food and drinks to back that azz up. While it’s not quite pizza on a bagel...ah sh*t, this is waaaay better. Outpost #001 of Nice Slice Pizza Co. is posted up inside Love Buzz, and would you believe they are giving you a free slice of cheese pizza with each and every adult beverage you purchase between 9pm–2am. Whoop whoop whoop. Order a whole pie, or drop a buck for the free cheese upgraded with pepperoni. Certainly nothing wrong with going just cheeze. Beers served on draft, in bottles and a few cans too. Think wellrounded with the selection. Nothing crazy. A nice selection of spirits are poured or try a martini or a bloody, both are served right or get them wild instead. Take a look at the menu. Enjoy the flashback. Try to beat our 290 at skeeball. 2 legit 2 quit.