LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 20

OPEN Photography by Jodie Eisenhardt By Jodie Eisenhardt | @foodiehouston STOKED TACOS CUISINE: Farm to Taco EXECUTIVE CHEF: Adam Puskorius 2416 Brazos St. | 832.701.1973 | www.stokedmidtown.com 11am–midnight, Tuesday through Thursday; 11am–1am, Friday and Saturday (food service ends an hour before closing) Adam Puskorius, whose résumé includes stints as chef de cuisine at Mark’s and chef/partner with Eddie V’s, has returned from three years in Chicago, where he was inspired by the legendary Big Star taco bar in Wicker Park. His twist on the theme for Houston has the former Cook & Collins space rockin’ via a vinyl-only playlist, “day of the dead” décor, awesome cocktails and some ridiculously good/fantastically sourced tacos. Serious about quality ingredients, Stoked works with local farmers to source proteins and produce, making everything in-house from scratch, including tortillas, salsas and sauces. The commitment to quality, combined with innovative twists on familiar types of tacos takes it to the next level. Take, for example, the local redfish tacos with the option of super-fresh grilled or fried fish, along with mixed XY\\ Y\ [YK[[[Z\\H[[[YH܈HX[YH8'X™H]Y\'H]ܚ[Y\Y\Y\H]\X[و]Y[[H\KY [Y\] \Yܚœ[\[ܚ[YX[[[Z\^H[HX[ۜ˂[\[܂[Y][\[HXH8'HY'H8$H]Y[Y]\] ۚ[ۋ[[\ܙ[XK[X[\[H8'[[[x'B[K\x&\[H[\\KYܛ[\\Y]]Y\\]Y[XY[\[˂[X[\X\\]\[Z[ZHH8'[][x'HXYH]Y\YHXHYH\HH\Hۈ X\KH[H8)YBT8&TTBRTSNXX\\]\‘VPUUHQ[\BLˈ N]  Lˌ͌ ˚\ZY˘K\ \K•Y\$Y LX[x$L\N\$ќN LX[x$̘[B] L[x$̘[N[ L[x$L\B\XH[[\YܙHܘ\HH\ \BY\H[[[وH][\8'ZY[\[ܙK8'HHۜZ\[\\]ۂܝH\[][ۈ[\\ܚXZYX\BۈZ[ N]Y]8$]H]]K[]\X[YKHZYX]\\ۈH˂[\[܂H\[X\ M