LOCAL Houston | The City Guide September 2016 - Page 16

FOOD TEXAS PICKLE COMPANY Nestled in the land of sugar (Sugar Land, that is) is a little company started by two parents back in 2013, with the purpose of ensuring their children knew where their food came from. Luckily for pickle-minded people, the WELDINS’ signature pickles shine among all XHXZ\[\[YYXZ\[XH[š\K]]ܜ[Y[X[\[ \X[\XYܙY[X[[XY[\[8$XH[]HYHHX\[\BH[TPHSS&TX[]ۘ[ۜ˂Z\X\\H\[\H[H\Y[ܙYY[]X][H˜Y]]\Y\܈\\]]\˂˝^\XX˘BH\H[[XHHX\[^ܘ\HH]HYBMH\[X\ M